Olivia Zappone is a conceptual artist and photographer currently based on Acjachemen territory (Southern California), finishing her BFA from the University of Victoria*.

Olivia’s practice began with poetry and analogue processes of fashion photography. Each of these roots influence her conceptual projects, bonding a romantic voice with visual nostalgia through combinations of video art, installation, spoken word, and image-making. Her work arises relationally, with a natural focus on themes of intimacy, sexuality, identity and the land** as they live and change within the body. 

With a recent focus on personal narrative, she seeks to deepen her understanding of the wisdom and interrelations within natural systems, while challenging the structures which disrupt those relationships. Her work is centred around the body, using memory as material to create intimate and evocative dialogues of pain, resilience, and healing that aim to uncover our most primal connections.

*Situated on Lekwungen territory

**I am a guest and settler on the land where I create. My process in recent works involves reflecting on my experiences of illness and healing, while listening to how these cycles interconnect with the land I’m on. I’m conscious that the healing of these systems is intrinsically linked with decolonization, and I’m committed to continuously learning how this fits into my practice as an artist and as a person.

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